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Rafael Navarro Gomez was born 1969 in Santiago de Cuba from a humble rural, artistic and religious family. His father, Radamez Navarro (Silvio Stevens) was a well-known Cuban and international dancer between the 30’s and 50’s.who participated with the Buena Vista Social Club along with Compay Segundo and was influential in the formation of his young son as an artist.

From a very young age Rafael participated in cultural activities and festivities. At secondary school he focused on dance and the National School of Art (ENA) in Havana and Superior Institute of Art (ISA),.

At completion of university, Rafael returned to his beloved hometown of Santiago, where he worked as a dancer and soloist with the Conjunto Folklorico de Cuba, the oldest folklore group in Cuba.

At the same time, he commenced his Masters studies as an artistic director, scene director and producer. He then became a university lecturer while working in dance companies, musical groups, theatres, cabarets and nightclubs. Rafael has directed national and international events, and congresses in Cuba for 15 consecutive years.

At the same time, Rafael joined the prestigious Compania Teatro Danza del Caribe where he worked as an assistant and producer, under the direction of Master Eduardo Ribero Walker.

Rafael Navarro is a master in dance, artistic director, choreographer, and dance historian who has been mentioned in various Cuban tourist guides including Lonely Planet guide to Cuba. He has worked in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Greece and Cyprus, where he competed and won the international Grand Prix of Latin Dance.

Rafael now lives in Australia where he teaches all form of Cuban popular dance.

Naturally we are thrilled to have Rafael pop in to Cafe Havana to teach and inspire the staff whenever he travels to Bali, and to host his Private Master- classes, which are truly inspirational..

Rafael can be contacted on or

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