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Salsa Dancing Waiters

Dancers often lament “where can I find a dance partner?” At Café Havana Bali that is not a problem! If you are traveling and don’t have a dance partner handy, ask Café Havana Bali staff to dance with you or even give you an impromptu lesson. ALL the staff started to learn Salsa dancing in December 2009 and now we have a great group of dancers who have already advanced to Bachata, Merengue and ChaCha.

The waiters (muchachos) and waitress (muchachas) as well as kitchen and bar staff, love the opportunity to dance Salsa Rueda, (Wheel) This is similar to American square dancing, with one of the group calling out the moves that the rest follow. This is exciting to watch and even more fun to join in. Its easy to learn at our regular Salsa Classes (link) As we often get amazing Salsa dancers on the dance floor the staff are getting lots of opportunities to increase their dance skills. Be assured they bring the same enthusiasm to their Food & Beverage service for you.


Special Events Dancing Classes

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