Cafe Havana

Listening to La Bomba band play salsa and other forms of Latin music at Café Havana it’s very easy to imagine you are in Cuba.

Singing in flawless Spanish comes easily for these talented musicians. Most of the bend members started out as regular staff at Café Havana – barmen, cooks and waiters. Their first introduction to Cuban culture was learning Salsa dancing along with the rest of the staff.

One night a band didn’t turn up. Gede, the BarManager, shyly asked if his group could have the opportunity to play. To our surprise they took the stage, and played solidly to wild applause, till closing. The rest is history.

So now, to support other young potential musicians with dreams we have open rehersal every Friday at 4 pm at Café Havana, while the other staff practice fun new Rueda moves. You are very welcome to come along and watch or join in.

Listening to other bands night after night had ignited their passion and fired their ambition to be the best Latin musicians - Watching them play, their enthusiasm is evident and contagious . Sometimes Jak, the Conga player, even jumps down from the stage and starts dancing with a guest.

’We look at all the people dancing and how much fun they are having, and that encourages us want to learn new lyrics and always perform better and better”says Gede


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