Nathan & Ruth will be doing a repeat of their Sultry Tango dancing this wednesday about 8 pm. come see what it is all about!!! What we saw on Sunday left us breathless.....

Telex from Cuba

Join us in Havana in the days before Castro’s revolution and enter the heady world of Americans in Cuba in the 50’s; of a paradise corrupted by clandestine loves and alcohol, race hierarchies and violence. Sip on chilled margaritas, graze on a Cuban-style dinner and look seductive in the plush dining room of Café Havana while Rachel Kushner, author of Telex from Cuba, transforms her family history into a mesmerizing tale and reveals the other side of Cuba during that crucial epoch of change. Let the spirit of the revolution capture you and don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes for the Cuban music that will follow, at Ubud's hottest Latino spot.


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