Cafe Havana

Cafe Havana features an enticing array of tapas to nibble while sipping delicious Cuban cocktails. For mains, the Paella is brim-full of flavour topped with colorful Prawns & Mussels. Traditional dishes such as Ropa Vieja, Pork and Black Beans with Platanos are other hearty choices.

There are also unique vegetarian & Indonesian choices. Bring the whole family to try the Cuban Sandwich, Burgers, or fabulous homemade icecream sundaes & delicious Tres Leches or Mijito cake with Illy coffee.

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What is Cuban cuisine?

It’s is a melting pot of ingredients and cooking techniques from around the world that reflects Cuba’s last 600 years of history These international elements include: Cuba’s native tropical fruits and vegetables; the agricultural and cooking techniques of the original Taino Indians; the culinary traditions of Spain & Portugal: the livestock and crops introduced by the Spaniards; the contributions of the African slaves and Chinese laborers: and the foods of other Spanish colonies.

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